QlikView 11 for Developers

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Whether you are new to developing QlikView applications, preparing for your QlikView Developer Certification or simply want to take your QlikView skills to the next level, QlikView 11 for Developers is a must-have for your library.

With over 500 pages of original content, QlikView 11 for Developers offers a completely practical and hands-on guide to learning both basic and advanced QlikView development concepts. The book follows a practical case that evolves throughout the book, along with your QlikView skills!

Topics covered in the book include:

Using script to load and transform data
Data modeling, and how to overcome common modeling challenges
Styling and designing your applications
Advanced aggregations and expressions
Point-in-time reporting & achieving complex calculations using Set Analysis
Best practices for setting up a scalable data architecture
Securing your data with Section Access
Time-saving techniques for making QlikView development more efficient.

This book was authored by QlikView Consultants, bloggers and teachers Mike García and Barry Harmsen, and has a foreword by QlikTech's Donald Farmer.

All examples are Personal Edition enabled, which means that you can just download the free personal edition of QlikView and start learning today!

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Discover what's inside

Explore the book, its chapters, exercises, code bundle and more in this interactive QlikView application.

Download the code bundle

Download the complete code bundle for the book, containing the solutions to all the exercises. (850 MB download, so might take a while)

Download a free sample

Download a free sample of chapter 2 "Seeing is Believing" at the Packt website.

Kindle version available

Want to read QlikView 11 for Developers on the go? A Kindle version of the book is available via Amazon.

PDF version available

Want to take QlikView 11 for Developers with you on as many devices as you like? Then the DRM-free PDF ebook available through Packt is exactly what you are looking for.

ePUB version available

Besides the Kindle and PDF version, Packt also offers an ePUB version of the book. In fact, when you buy a digital copy of the book at Packt, you'll get all three versions.